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Choose the problem you want to work on!

  • Virtual queues for public places, stores - so that people don’t have to wait in-person in a queue for any service or purchase. They should be able to reserve their spot in the queue through the app. They should get a notification at least 15 minutes before their turn, so they can leave their homes then. Preferably this is a mobile app that takes advantage of app notifications.

  • Mental health help - many people might be feeling sad, depressed, confused, frustrated, and they might genuinely need help. Try to create a chatbot app, that will comfort, and understand issues faced by the user, and give them proper recommendations as per leading mental health institutions across the world. Please have India, location-specific helplines also listed.

  • NGO, Govt assistance for food for the needy - please design an app that will help people who are distributing food by helping anyone add the location of someone in need of food or food supplies. 

  • Elder Help - create an app that is appropriately designed for elderly people to use to ask for help in various scenarios like emergency, food, groceries, mental health, company (virtual), medical supplies etc. People who want to help them can sign up as volunteers by uploading their Govt ID card (for safety reasons), their photo, and their emergency contacts. Good if only referred people can join. We want it to be a safe app.















  • The competition starts on Monday April 20th, 2020 and ends on May 03, 2020

  • Teams of 3-5 members.

  • There will be a demo session in front of the judges on 8:00 pm on May 03, 2020. All the participating teams will have to present their work.

  • The code should be put up on GitHub and a link to that should be submitted as part of their demo.

  • The project should adhere to GNU General Public License. It should be uploaded to Github as a part of the submission with the GNU- GPL license info. 

  • Please use Google generously. To see what solutions are out there, to draw inspiration, to find information you need etc. But that doesn’t mean you can plagiarize. If you use any templates or code which is not yours, document it in the ReadMe.txt file in your project folder. Submitting someone else’s work as your own without making significant changes, will not be tolerated. It’s just not right. <shrug>

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  • Individuals will be grouped into a Team based on the problem statement they choose, please register as Individual in the registration form.



  • Pratyush Sinha  - Product Manager, Entrepreneur

  • Piyush - Developer, Faculty, Region Head

  • Prasad Ajinkya - Director - Technology, CTO

  • Bharath Madala  - Software Developer

  • Rajanish - Product Head, Entrepreneur


  • Karthik Lakshminarayanan - Manager, Accenture

  • Abhinit Modi - Software Engineer, Google (California)

  • Arun Kumar - Entrepreneur

Your Mentors will also be your judges



  • Stage 1: Specs with wireframe and workflow should be expected (Static or Dynamic) [Sketch app][or any free wireframing tools online]

  • Stage 2: Should have an MVP or Minimum Viable Product ready. Which means, a working web or mobile app, with as many features planned as possible.



  • April 21st 10 am IST  - Challenge kickoff 

  • April 25th 5pm IST - Stage 1 Complete

  • April 27th 5pm IST - 30% of MVP Complete

  • April 29th 5pm IST - 80% of MVP Complete

  • May 3rd 10 am IST - 100% complete, and Submission

  • May 3rd 10:30 am IST  - Presentation on video call and PPT with 3 slides (1 - problem & team, 2 - wireframe, /design , 3 - solution / mvp)



  • Glide app + Google Sheets as backend 

  • Flutter + Firebase

  • Firebase as backend + Bootstrap/Angular FE templates

  • Wordpress

  • Wix

  • Telegram Bot (FE) + Google Apps Script (typescript)

  • Ionic



  • The intention of this challenge is to learn new things, work with an industry expert and get a feel for yourself how to build things which people actually use. So don’t stress! 

  • Have fun learning and interacting with your peers. 

  • Click pictures of yourself and share pictures on Instagram using #StemNetChallenge and #Covid19 to be eligible for an award and also to have an opportunity to be featured on our website & social media.

  • Even if you don’t get to all the milestones, that’s okay. Make sure you submit your work. There are so many awards to win under different categories, you never know! 

  • And who’s not in it to win? Check out the cool awards below:

    • Best UX / UI

    • All features work!

    • Student’s choice 

    • Mentor’s favorite team

    • Best Presentation

    • And the team with the coolest name also gets a prize!

  • At the end of this challenge, you would have added a brand new project which will shine on your resume - all in 2 weeks time.



  • The intention of this challenge is to learn new things, work with an industry expert and get a feel for yourself how to build things which people actually use. So, at the very least you will get a participation certificate for the coding challenge.

  • If you win in any category, your work will be highlighted on our social media, and we will recommend you for an internship with our industry partners. Your certificate will highlight the categories you won in.

  • If you win overall, we will make sure your product goes on to be launched with the help of industry partners and mentors. Your team will also be highlighted on our social media, and in news publications. We will also recommend you for internships / jobs after you have launched your product. Your certificate will highlight you were the winner.

  • But the biggest prize of all, will be helping people in need. Won't you agree? :)



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Accepted! All the Best!

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